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COVID-19 back to work

COVID-19: Back to Work

We have assisted many of our clients, big and small, on how to safely re-open their workplace.

Many people are nervous about going back to work but we can help you and your colleagues with advice on how to maximise safety and greatly reduce the risk of contamination.

The process normally starts with a Zoom call, including a good representation from your Organisation - typically no more than 5 people. It is really important to get views from across the workforce on priorities, concerns and any specific issues you may have to deal with.

How do I return to work safely after Covid 19?

Our guidance will include the following:

  • Physical distancing measures - COVID-19 space planning
  • PPE for the workforce
  • Risk Assessments
  • Fire safety and COVID-19
  • Other COVID-19 office compliance
  • Cleaning regimes
  • Improved hygiene for workforce
  • Internal and external communications
  • Delivery of goods or services

We provide you with good, practical advice on getting back in to your workplace, using our years of experience as property and workplace experts.

We don't just provide advice but we can also help you implement new ways of working, write your Risk Assessments and physically inspect your premises before you return.

Once you are back in your premises, our work doesn't stop there - in fact it is only just starting! We are actively assisting companies with rent payment restructuring and lease negotiation in the midst of the affects of the pandemic. We continue to help companies with all aspects of Commercial Property, including reducing costs, improving safety, finding or disposing of premises and much more.

Return to work safely after Covid 19. Find out more about how we can help your business get your employees safely back to work. Call Jon Pugh on 03333 222 330, email or complete the contact form.