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Outsourced Senior Property Management

Jon Pugh MD

Prop is led by Jon Pugh who has 25 years of experience, managing a variety of projects on a national - and occasionally international - basis.

Whether it is managing the property requirements of a public company, sourcing a new building for a growing business or managing the Health & Safety of an organisation, Jon has wide and in-depth experience of all property matters.

Jon leads a team of property professionals, who can help you with growth, compliance, cost and best practice.

Contact the team by calling 03333 222 330 or by email.

Extension of senior leadership teams

Many businesses find themselves with a property portfolio that requires managing without the desire or resource to engage in-house specialists.  Prop acts as an outsourced extension of the senior leadership team, bringing many years of property experience to the boardroom whilst keeping costs/outlay to a minimum.  This experience ranges from handling regulatory compliance to property sourcing and commercial fit outs.  Prop can become a flexible resource that assists the management team plan effectively for the future whilst assisting with current challenges and issues.

Commercial property strategy

Estates review - Risk analysis - Operational analysis - Property modelling.

Sometimes business can be faced with complex challenges around their properties.  Leases can be expiring or may need renegotiating.  Properties may be coming to the end of their usefulness.  The wider economic climate may mean your business model is changing and consequently decisions need to be made about the overall commercial property strategy.

Prop can assist with this by working with your leadership team to assess the current position and help plot a path forward that will meet your strategic needs.  We can help you find the right property in the right location or assist with properties that have come to the end of their lease/usefulness.  We can assist you with dilapidations, repairs and fit outs as well as negotiating heads of terms on your behalf where necessary. We can help with:

  • ‘Move vs develop’ decisions
  • Location decisions
  • Regional and national strategies
  • Succession planning


Prop has a track record in working closely with businesses on their projects and requirements.  Our job is to ensure you get the best value for money and it is our goal to ensure you spend less by using our services than you would by using other professionals such as architects or surveyors.  We can adapt to any culture and ensure we deliver what our customers are asking of us.  Big or small, we will manage your property problems for you, including:

  • Project delivery
  • Informing decisions
  • Identifying risks
  • Compliance
  • Contingency planning

Commercially focused, best value and controlled professional service costs

In our experience many businesses can end up wasting money because they do not necessarily have the time to devote to sourcing the best value suppliers and services out in the marketplace.  Through industry experience Prop can ensure our customers are getting the best quality for the best price.  It’s our job to ensure we achieve your commercial objectives, whether that’s a particular supply chain focus or simply a matter of cost.  We can navigate the world of planning departments, building regulations and fit-out companies on your behalf, offering great value. We can work closely with your existing infrastructure and ensure you achieve you get the best results.  We can manage projects on your behalf, including:

  • Resource management
  • Optimisation


Prop Consultancy delivers property management resource to assist, support and co-ordinate a complete. The management team have cumulatively controlled over £600m of property spend.

Prop have detailed experience in dealing with highly regulated environments with completed projects including pharmaceutical manufacture, secure distribution and residential academic buildings.

Prop have wide-ranging experience in supporting  business acquisition, MBO/MBI and international project roll-outs.

With Prop you have the experience of senior management in a flexible resource, working as part of your team but with no fixed cost.

Examples of a few of our recent projects:

All Saints Pastoral Centre, St Albans

  • Project lead for six year development plan
  • Brought from dereliction to full utilisation
  • British Council compliance achieved
  • Over 100 acres with Grade I listing
  • Achieved operational increase of 240%

Newland Park, Chalfont St Giles

  • Project lead for two year development plan
  • Operational increase of 380%
  • Over 120 acres of land brought into use 1200 student bed capacity
  • Construction of licensed hospitality centre

Bedgebury Park, Kent

  • Co-ordination of site disposal
  • Management of all professional services
  • Management of operational withdrawal
  • Asset valuation and sale
  • Managed displacement of staff to other sites

For a Commercial property strategy, contact us today. Find out how we can help you as an outsourced member of your senior leadership team.

  • Decision Framework: Asset analysis - Critical timelines - Property search - Acquisition support.
  • Management Resource: Extension of SLTs - Landlord relationships - Ongoing support - Compliance.
  • Property Strategy: Estates review - Risk analysis - Operational analysis - Property modelling.
  • R.I.C.S. Services: Lease management - Dilapidation negotiation - Breaks and renewals - Dispute resolution.